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About Me


PB Rehab, Retirement and Ridden Paddock Paradise Livery is a family-run Paddock Paradise livery situated in Staffordshire and Shropshire, Midlands UK. We specialise in the care of retired equines or equines in need of rehabilitating - most commonly due to issues surrounding diet, movement and trim. We also offer livery to dentally challenged equines and horses in ridden work.

We provide the residents of PB with a peaceful environment, fulfilling their need for a species appropriate diet amongst a herd with unrestricted movement. Each and every horse is given the freedom to forage, move, sleep and play whenever they please. At PB, we encourage horses to be horses. 


The Rehab, Retirement and Non-Ridden
Paddock Paradise Yard


The NEW Ridden 
Paddock Paradise Yard

Paddock Paradise Track System Livery for ridden horses and their riders

Could your equine benefit from our set up and care?

The Paddock Paradise is a concept based on the lifestyle of wild and free-roaming horses, and provides domesticated horses with a environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat. The horses in our care not only reap the benefits of a species appropriate diet and daily movement but generally thrive from the socialisation and bonding herd living brings. We prioritise providing horses with the freedom of choice - allowing each horse to groom, forage, move or play whenever they'd like.

PB further specialises in the rehabilitation of barefoot horses, most commonly working with Laminitis, EMS and obesity, injuries and grass related issues. 

For all packages, our set up is suitable for those who struggle with the following - 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Laminitis and being prone to Laminitis - our non grass Paddock Paradise allows turnout without the danger and threat of grass - it allows us to manage their diet without restricting their movement.

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

EMS, IR and Obesity - our set ups are the perfect set up for losing weight and getting rid of those unwanted fat pads. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Arthritis, joint stiffness and ongoing or old injuries - the Paddock Paradise encourages movement which helps horses who stiffen, swell or worsen from box rest and stabling.

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Resource guarding - all our liveries have access to 24/7 water, food and forage. With time we often find those who resource guard begin to trust in their freedom of choice (their food isn't going anywhere) and begin to share with others. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Anxious or stressy horses - we offer a peaceful, calm environment that benefits horses who are sensitive and stressy to constant coming and going, noise and busy surroundings.

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Boredom - many horses walk through our doors suffer from problems such as crib biting and wind sucking. Being in a herd within a species appropriate environment allows them to thrive mentally, simply allowing them to be horses.

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Grass sensitivity or grass - related behavioural issues -  our non grass Paddock Paradise system allows turnout without the danger and threat of grass.

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Hoof rehabilitation - more movement encourages new healthy hoof growth, ideal for horses with Navicular and Laminitis. We specialise in this and work with our Hoof Care Practitioner Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters for the best results. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Lack of muscle - our environment helps build and tone muscle - top lines, bottoms and shoulders strengthen naturally without ridden or in hand work. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Ulcers - our horses have constant access to low sugar, adlib meadow hay and other low sugar forage. We try to make our environment as stress free as possible for our liveries too. 


"The key to having physically and mentally healthier horses"- Jaime Jackson

In March 2022, we had the honour of rebranding PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Livery at the request of the brilliant Jaime Jackson himself, founder of the Paddock Paradise. We are incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity by Jaime to actively push the Paddock Paradise and all of the many incredible benefits they provide. 

Dubri's Legacy

Hi there, I'm Alyson.

I've now been working with and whole heartedly loving horses for a successful 38 years. After owning my first horse Hazey at just 12 years old, my passion for horses has continued to grow in a multitude of ways.

My family and I first went barefoot when my children's oldest pony Dubri starting struggling with Laminitis and EMS. At the time, the Vet's only advice was to shut her in a stable and wait the process out but when said advice did not work, the question of Dubri's well being came to mind and so did the decision of putting her to sleep or not.


With plenty of research to fuel my final decision, I decided to take her shoes off, create a small track with minimal grass and hope for the best. Our little rescue pony lived for another 15 years on her own grass-free Paddock Paradise track system with the sweetest of friends - pain free, happy and healthy. 


Dubri Firkin: 1996 - 2023


A monthly webinar series on all things Paddock Paradise track system.

Drone Test.jpg

 "I am full of excitement for our horses to
live more naturally and healthily together"

We are great believers in providing options like salt and mineral licks for our horses on track, which is why all of our 3 Paddock Paradise track systems are kitted out with the byHiggins Lick Safe. Did you know their sturdy, long-lasting and unique design allows for protection against the typical, rainy UK weather and can hold up to a 10kg block? Gone are the days we waste any of our salt licks from being smushed into the mud or dissolved in the rain.


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Rehabilitation at PB Rehab, Retirement and Ridden Paddock Paradise Livery - What can we help with?

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Laminitic Rehabilitation - we specialise in rehabbing Laminitic equines back to health. The majority of horses that come to us have diagnosed or undiagnosed Laminitis, whether that be sub-clinical, acute or chronic. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

EMS and obesity - we welcome many equines into our care who are either overweight or have a diagnosis of EMS. We have had great success helping horses achieve weight loss and live a more healthier life. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Grass Affected equines - 'Grass Affected is a term originally coined by Jenny Parson of Calm Healthy Horses. A ‘grass affected’ horse has issues caused by one or more aspects of their forage and feed adversely affecting their health, movement and/or behaviour. We work closely with UK representative Sue Palmer of Calm Healthy Horses UK to rehabilitate or manage those affected. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Injuries and issues surrounding movement - we most commonly rehabilitate, help with or manage equines with soft tissue injuries, SI issues, tendon injuries, general stiffness and DDFT damage. We also have experience working with horses who suffer from tightness throughout their bodies and bad balance/lack of muscle. 

Barefoot hoof symbol PNG.png

Hoof Rehabilitation - working closely along side our AANHCP/ISNHCP Hoof Care Practitioner, Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters, we are able to transition shod horses to barefoot or offer our services to those barefoot equines in need of a helping hand with the likes of Navicular and Laminitis. 


Rehabilitation - EMS & Laminitis 


Rehabilitation - 

EMS, Laminitis, SI Issues


Rehabilitation - 

Laminitis and Soft Tissue Injury


Rehabilitation Cases

We specialise in the rehabilitation and management of medical conditions most commonly caused through issues surrounding diet, management and trim.



We know your horse deserves the very best in their retirement which is why here at PB, we encourage horses be horses.

What our liveries have to say


"This amazing place has been home for my horse for a couple of years now. I never have to worry about her, she is looked after beautifully and in keeping with a natural life that I am sure she would choose for herself. She previously suffered with swollen knees and stiffness but since she has been on a track, on the right diet and constantly moving with her friends she has been absolutely fine. It’s a huge relief to know that she is looked after and loved as I work full time and have commitments that mean I cannot give her what she needs. It’s equine heaven and most of the time I wish I was a horse there."


 The Gummy Gallops 
Coming 2023

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Based in Staffordshire and Shropshire, UK

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