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pb barefoot rehab and retirement livery

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PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Livery is a family run Track System Livery, based between Stafford and Newport in the Midlands. We specifically cater for and specialise in the care of retired horses or horses in need of rehabilitating. Our goal is to offer a safe natural space for your horse/pony to either retire or to rehabilitate.

We offer several fantastic track systems abundant with various types of shelters, feeding stations, natural herbs and forage, water points and wildlife. Our livery and track systems are spread out over 18 acres of land, purposely encouraging movement and healing. One our track system runs a total of a mile an a half along the perimeter of our land, incorporating undulating and hilly areas. 


Our horses and ponies are in mixed herds to encourage natural behaviour which often helps elevate stress and anxiety. They also live out 24/7 with naturally high hedges, matured trees and field shelters at their disposal. The unlevel and hilly environment works great for engaging and toning muscles in the most natural way possible. We use salt licks to ensure the horses receive as much salt as possible too, with access to various salt water stations situated in each track. We work along side our fantastic AANHCP trimmer Hoof Matters, as well as our expert Dentist, Chiropractor and Body Worker to optimise the care that your horse or pony will receive. 

Our set up is perfect for enabling your horse to be out 24/7 while managing their diet - something that is crucial for those prone to Laminitis, weight gain, ulcers, EMS, grass sensitivity and grass related behavioural issues.


Could your horse or pony benefit from our set up and care?

Track systems allow horses to replicate natural behaviour that would typically be seen in the wild. Not only in movement from travelling from one need such as water to another such as food, but in terms of play and herd dynamics too. While your horse is with us, we aim to provide an environment that best allows them to release any stress - be it stress from busy yard environments and lack of species interaction etc, we allow them to just switch off and just simply be a horse. We provide them with companionship and the freedom to move, sleep, eat and play as they choose, all while having their diet monitored and managed for those with more complex needs. PB specialises and takes pride in the care given to those who have complex needs and conditions - treating every horse like our own.

For both Retirement and Rehabilitation, our set up is suitable for those who struggle with the following - 

> Laminitis and being prone to Laminitis. Our none grass tracks allows turnout without the danger and threat of grass. A track system allows us to manage their diet without restricting their movement.

> EMS/IRS and Obesity - our tracks are the perfect set up for losing weight and getting rid of those unwanted fat pads. 

Arthritis, Joint Stiffness, Ongoing or Old Injuries - track systems encourage movement which helps with horses who stiffen, swell or worsen from box rest and stabling.

> Anxious or Stressy Horses - we offer a peaceful, calm environment that benefits horses who are sensitive and stressy to constant coming and going, noises and busy surroundings.

Resource Guarding - all our liveries have access to 24/7 water, food and forage. With time we often find those who resource guard begin to trust in their freedom of choice (their food isn't going anywhere) and begin to share with others. 

> Ulcers - our horses have constant access to low sugar, adlib meadow hay and other low sugar forage. We try to make out environment as stress free as possible for our liveries too. 

> Boredom - Many horses walk through our doors suffer from problems such as crib biting and wind sucking.  Being in a herd in as natural environment as possible allows them to thrive mentally, simply allowing them to be horses.

> Grass Sensitivity or Grass Related Behavioural Issues -  Our none grass tracks allows turnout without the danger and threat of grass.

> Hoof Rehabilitation - More movement encourages new healthy hoof growth, ideal for horses with Navicular, Laminitis, Thrush and so on. We specialise in this and work with our Trimmer Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters for the best results. 

> Lack of Muscle - our environment helps build and tone muscle - top lines, bottoms and shoulders strengthen naturally without ridden or in hand work. 


Hi there, I'm Alyson...

I've now been working with and whole heartedly loving horses for a successful 38 years. My very first horse was named Hazey, when I was just 12 years old. Ever since then, I've become so invested and involved with horses, their natural behaviours and characteristics and their simple way of living. 

My family and I first went barefoot when my daughter's oldest pony Dubri become Laminitic and the Vet's only advice was to shut her in a stable and wait the process out. When said advice did not work, the question of Dubri's well being came to mind and so did the decision of putting her to sleep or not.


With plenty of research to fuel my final decision, I decided to take her shoes off, create a small paddock with minimal grass and hope for the best. 10+  years on and our little rescue pony is happier, brighter and better than ever on her very own grass free track system with the sweetest of friends. 

With 18 acres of mostly unused unfertilised pasture, filled with natural herbs, grasses, berries, trees and hedges, I came to the decision to offer our land to ponies and horses in need, giving them the safe and happy environment that allowed my pony to once again be herself.


I'm now following my passion of helping ponies and horses with struggles and needs alike, offering my knowledge, trimmer, contacts, support and care to those who need it most. Every day becomes more enjoyable and rewarding when working with our beloved furry friends. 


'The key to having physically and mentally healthier horses' - Jaime Jackson



We are based in Staffordshire, Midlands!

If you're interested in our services for your hurt, retired or grass intolerant horse/pony, give us a ring, email us or drop us a message on our PB Barefoot Rehab & Retirement Livery Facebook page!

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Email: pbrehabandlivery@outlook.com

Tel: 07518 370 151