Boris -

First report - arrived September 2019:


3 year old 17hh + Shire X Hanoverian 

Boris arrived here shortly after his owners bought him as they could see his feet needed some work and attention. As you can see, his feet were weak with multiple splits and subclinical Laminitis through lack of movement, trimming and the wrong diet.



The collage of photos are his feet during his stay with us - there is an event line half way down which is his 6 months of growth while a PB resident. His white line is tightening and his frog and heal are continuing to widen - our trimmer, Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters, trims so his weight bearing points are activated.



Last update - went home June 2020: 

Boris was on a 6 week trim cycle and lived in a herd of 8 on a non grass track system while with us. With a low sugar diet of adlib meadow hay, continual movement and a barefoot trim, Boris's feet will continue to better with time. Boris has now left PB to go back to his family but he had a least another 6 months of growth left to achieve a new healthy hoof. 

Boris had a few issues when he arrived - he was particularly weak behind, twitchy to touch and had full thickness cracks on both front feet. Before his new owners bought him, he hadn't been trimmed properly and found it very hard to balance behind as a result.

Over the time Boris spent with us, we provided an environment that enabled his feet to begin to grow stronger. He found moving around a track system a little difficult at first, he fell over his own feet in trot and struggled to canter in a straight line but over the coming months since his arrival, he learnt how to engage his hind, his balance started to improve and his top line began to form and build.

He still has a lot of growing to do, as well as filling out, but he's come a long way. Boris can now stand to have his feet trimmed, although his hind feet have to be trimmed low to the ground as he still struggles with his flexibility and balance when standing. Georgie of Hoof Matters, has done a fabulous job as always on his feet - he has now happily gone home with stronger, healthier feet that support his whole body in the way he requires. He has a long way to go but is constantly improving.


Before his stay with PB


Before his stay with PB


Day 1 of Rehabilitation

Boris Feet Progress.jpg

During his stay with PB


Progress shot during his stay


Progress shot during his stay