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Enrichment Webinar - providing enrichment with Alyson and Maddie Sharpe of PB Livery

Date and time - Tuesday 21st February at 19:00 BST

£5.00 per space, book here.


Join Alyson and Maddie Sharpe from PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery on all things enrichment based. We'll be addressing the importance of providing your horse with enrichment and how to incorporate our best budget-friendly, renter-friendly, DIY enrichment hacks into your track system. Don't have a track system? No problem, these tricks, tips and hacks will work in a paddock too.

If you've ever wondered how to mentally stimulate your horse to help decrease anxiety, boredom or stress-related behaviours, then grab your comfy slippers and a freshly-brewed tea and join us. Replay will be available to those who have purchased a ticket and have subscribed to the webinar platform.

Please note: we are a paddock paradise (track system) livery and so we will predominantly be talking about enrichment hacks trailed and tested on our track systems.

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Horse & Hoof Care Foundation Workshops - HM International School of Horse & Hoof Care
31st March - 2nd April 2023

"The foundation horse & hoof care workshop can be studied completely online, or by attending in person at one of our 3 day events. It is the starting point to learn how to keep your horse barefoot and natural, for both owners and and those who wish to become pro trimmers.

This course is a pre-requisite before being accepted onto the HMB Pro course.

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

In-person 3 Day Horse & Hoof Care Foundation Workshop 

Learn about the Natural Horse & Hoof Care from experienced HMIS barefoot specialist instructors.

Let them guide you over the course of 3 days on how to achieve optimum health for your horse and their hooves, through diet, management, basic trimming and horse handling.

By the end of the 3 days you’ll have a firm understanding of the anatomy of the lower leg and hoof, what is meant by a species specific diet, how best to manage your horse and to be competent enough to maintain your own horse’s hooves, in between professional trims, by implementing a Natural Trim."

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Webinar - A Whole Body Approach to Laminitis and Setting up a Track System
29th November 2022

£5.00 per admission, purchase your spot here.


A whole horse approach to Laminitis:

We'll be discussing the common triggers or causes of sub-clinical, acute and chronic laminitis and the importance of targeting crucial aspects of your horse's management such as diet, movement and trim such as addressing what it means to feed our horses a species appropriate diet. In this webinar, we'll be diving into past chronic Laminitic (and some EMS) rehabilitation cases and exactly how these horses made a full recovery in our care whilst barefoot. Learn about the natural trim and the importance of hoof health, the signs of sub-clinical Laminitis and how we as owners can provide our Laminitic horses with an alternative lifestyle to grazing muzzles, long hours of stabling and clogs/shoes.

How to set up and manage a track system:

Learn about the 4 pillars of the Paddock Paradise and how the track system began. Here we'll explore setting up a track system with different acreages, land types, weather conditions, herd sizes and property types. We'll be covering questions and topics such as:

- The steps of building a track system - learn from our mistakes!

- Can you build a track system on a small amount of acreage?

- Rented land, livery yards or your own land - tips and tricks for all situations.

- Fencing, layout, feeding and water stations, enrichment, shelter, utilising what's available to you, herd living and more.

During the webinar, viewers are welcome to ask questions throughout the session and we will be happy to answer. We will however have a dedicated period of time towards the end of the webinar where we can answer your questions more in depth.

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PB Barefoot Rehab & Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery Open Day 2022 with guests Hoof Matters & Calm Healthy Horses - 20th August 2022

Date and time - Saturday 20th August 2022, 10AM - 4PM

£15.00 per ticket, purchase your tickets here.


PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery is hosting its 3rd Open Day with guests Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters and Sue Dawson of Calm Healthy Horses UK and we'd love to see you there.

Learn about the benefits of keeping your equine barefoot, understand the importance of diet as well as pasture related 'grass affected' issues and how this can affect your horse's health, movement and behaviour. Learn the importance of a Paddock Paradise track system and why they help owners successfully manage equines with a variety of different needs and issues such as Laminitis, obesity, EMS, Arthritis, soft tissue injuries, resource guarding, ulcers, anxiety/stress and so on.

Alyson Sharpe of PB Livery, Georgie Harrison, AANHCP Barefoot Trimmer and Sue Dawson, Nutritionist specialist in pasture related grass affected horses will be covering the following topics -

> Importance and benefits of the Paddock Paradise and how to maintain on

> Why keeping your horse barefoot works and how to keep them barefoot successfully

> Pasture related 'grass affected' issues and how to maintain a suitable environment for grass affected horses

> How going barefoot and using a Paddock Paradise can manage ongoing health conditions or ponies prone to issues

> Small and large Paddock Paradise systems and the mud dilemma

> Competition horses on track

> Keeping your equine in a herd and human/herd interactions

Alyson Sharpe of PB Livery will also be giving a tour of PB's Paddock Paradise track systems whilst she shares her experience, rehabilitation work whilst answering any questions you may have. Afterwards, you will be free to walk around the Paddock Paradise track systems as you please should you want to.

Whether you're looking to expand on your knowledge of barefoot and Paddock Paradise, looking to better manage your laminitic equine or you're diving into the barefoot world for the first time, join us on the 20th August in Gnosall, Staffordshire UK from 10am to 4pm for a day of talks, tours and plenty of tea!


Tea, coffee and other refreshments will be available throughout the day and a cold lunch will be provided. You will be contacted with some dietary questions after your ticket has been purchased and further directions to PB Livery. You will also be required to fill out a disclaimer form for access on to our Paddock Paradise track systems and the tours.

Should you show signs of any Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive, please do not attend the event.

At PB the health and safety of our equines is our no.1 priority. Please do not attend our event after attending another yard, if you have been in contact with other horses or if you are wearing clothing that has been exposed to other horses. We have horses with us with ongoing issues or who are of old age.

This event is only open to any one over the age of 16 years old.

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Online Webinar - Barefoot, grass affected equines and the Paddock Paradise with PB Livery, Hoof Matters and Calm Healthy Horses UK - 29th March

Date and time - Tuesday 29th March at 19:00 BST

£5.00 per space, book here.


Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and join us from the comfort of your own home to discuss our barefoot equines, grass affected related issues and the benefits of the Paddock Paradise with Alyson Sharpe from PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery, Sue Dawson from Calm Healthy Horses UK and Georgie Harrison from Hoof Matters. Learn about the benefits of being barefoot and how to make it work for your equine, understand grass affected horses and explore the lifestyle we provide on our Paddock Paradise.


In this Webinar, we will be covering;

> Barefoot - why it's beneficial and how to keep your horse barefoot

> Grass affected pasture related issues

> Paddock Paradise - why it works and how to maintain/set up

> The importance of diet, movement and trim

> Common equine issues such as Laminitis and obesity

We welcome any and all questions during the Webinar.

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