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Name: Glen

Livery Type: Retirement

Arrival Date: 3rd October 2023

Age: 19

Breed: Highland

Height: 14hh

Medical Issues: Cushings, EMS

Rehabilitation: Shod to barefoot, hoof rehabilitation & fat pads 

Day of arrival:

Glen's owner has removed his shoes a month or so before his arrival so he could retire with us. As you see from the photos, he is currently in boots to help minimise any discomfort and is currently lame with an abscess. Due to this, he will be spending a short amount of time in Track 1 until he is able to join Herd 2.

16th of October, 2022 - first trim:

Glen has quite a bit of breakage from where his shoes have been which you can see on the photos below. Georgie has trimmed him to balance him out and activate his weight bearing points as he's been weight loading directly onto his sole which has no doubt contributed to any discomfort he's been experiencing. Having had Laminitis, we also expect further breakage to occur. We'll be keeping him on a 6 week trim cycle to allow the hoof wall to grow between trims.

February 2023 - body update:

Glen has lost weight around his bottom, which originally appeared almost ‘lumpy’ around the tail. He too has softened up around his shoulders and is generally a better shape. Despite his super fluffy winter coat, you can see he has also gained some muscle over his top line.

Glen Comparison jpeg.jpg

28th April 2023 - body update:

Glen Arrival vs April 2023.jpg
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