Guy - completed

10 Year Old 16.2hh Shire X


Arrival - October 2018:


Guy joined us in October of 2018 due to some ongoing issues. It is believed Guy broke his pelvis when he was younger and it was never treated. As a result, Guy is wonky from behind and sometimes unsound but since becoming barefoot and living his days out on a track system in a large herd, his hind hoof has grown to support his pelvis and back. After he started to improve with us, his owner kept him in retirement with us for 3 years.

Guy Progress Pictures.jpg

Body update - March 2019:

Guy Progress Pictures.jpg

Body update - Summer 2020:


Update: Guy has returned home after 3 years with us to be closer to his owner. 


'My horse has benefitted hugely from his time at PB. He arrived with an SI problem , unlevel and tight in his body. He had had numerous therapies training regimes and remedial shoeing. The vet had nothing to offer and I had given up. He loved the life and over time developed strength from the movement promoted by the track and hills and the rebalancing of his now barefoot hooves. He has returned home sound and strong. We are forever grateful, thank you so much.' - Kotti, Guy's owner