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Our feeding stations and water points -

Feeding stations, or hay stations, are specific areas of a track system where the hay is located. There are always several feeding stations situated throughout our tracks to not only encourage movement but to allow access to forage at all points of the day to all herd members. 

Our feeding stations vary in size throughout all 3 of our tracks, specifically designed for the number of herd numbers, any possible medical conditions and the track itself. Our smallest track, with the fewest herd members, does not have any large bales in the dedicated hay zones. Instead, we have a mix of hay boxes that are normally in pairs or threes, as well as hanging nets for a change in heights.

For our much larger tracks, we have a combination of all three. We always have large netted hay bales at their disposal, as well as various hay boxes and the occasional hanging nets that are located on some of the trees. Our two larger tracks are roughly 3/4 of a mile long with purpose made, large areas to accommodate bigger herd numbers with plenty of space around them. 


Our water stations in our larger tracks consist of an automatic water trough with the choice of additional salt water and large ponds that the horses can get to with ease. In Track 2, the pond and water trough are located in the same area - some prefer getting their feet dirty for a refreshing drink and others prefer the water troughs. The choose is theirs. Track 3 also have these features but the layout is slightly different. Our smallest track is the only track that doesn't have a pond available. 

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