Jesse -

Jesse arrived at PB in 2019 and is our oldest resident at the grand age of 31. Jesse has very little teeth left, so is on a special diet that allows her to eat without trouble. As Jesse has such specific dietary needs, she is on her very own track that runs on the inside of Herd 2's track system. 

Her fantastic owner struggled with Jesse's weight and had tried many different feeds and ways to get her to gain the weight back before bringing her to us. She is now on her own grass track (she can pull small amounts) and eats 2 buckets of what we like to call 'slop' a day and a bucket of finely chopped chaff. She is on a low sugar diet which helps keep her feet as healthy as possible and works wonders for keeping her weight on - all while moving around her own track system as she pleases.


Before PB, Jan 2019


Before PB, Jan 2019


Before PB, Jan 2019


Retirement with PB