Louie - ongoing rehab

Arrived August 2022 - Rehabilitation, 13 Y0, grass affected and shoe to barefoot transition

Day of arrival:

Louie is here with us for 6 months to undergo some rehabilitation regarding his 'grass-affected' related behavioural issues, specifically surrounding being explosive under the saddle. His owner also had his shoes removed 2 weeks prior to his arrival so he could be rehabilitated with us. 

August 2nd Body 2.jpeg
August 2nd Body 1.jpeg
August 2nd 2022 2.jpeg
August 2nd 2022.jpeg

16th of August, 2022 - first trim:

Front left, before trim -

Front Left 4.jpg
Front Left 2.jpg
Front Left 3.jpg
Front Left.jpg
Front Left 5.jpg

Front right, before trim -

Front Right 2.jpg
Front Right 1.jpg
Front Right 3.jpg
Front Right 4.jpg

Back left, before trim -

Back Left 3.jpg
Back Left 2.jpg

Back right, before trim -

Back Right.jpg
Back Right 2.jpg
Back Right 3.jpg
Back Right 1.jpg

Front left, after trim -

Front Left TRIMMED.jpg
Front Left TRIMMED 2.jpg
Front Left TRIMMED 3.jpg
Back Left.jpg