Orca -


Body Update - May 2022:

Orca Body May 2022.jpeg
Orca body may 2022 2.jpeg

Orca is now staying with us long term but has made an amazing transformation during her stay:

This is Orca, who is here with us for Rehabilitation. She first arrived in March 2021 with a history of Laminitis, EMS and SI Issues. The top photo is her a couple days after arrival and the bottom photo was her on Monday, 31st of May.


As you can see below, she is getting stronger through her shoulders and back and her bottom is now starting to firm up. Not only has she started to build and tone muscle, but Orca's overall behaviour/attitude has completely changed since she's been out 24/7 with plenty of movement but more importantly for her, plenty of friends.


Orca is yet another example of how track systems aren't only beneficial to overweight horses but horses of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, she is a great example of how track systems and living in herds can greatly improve a horse's mental wellbeing, something we don't address enough!


We are so pleased with the progress Orca is making and it's great to see her so settled and happy with her friends.