Paddock Paradise Benefits

Life on track can benefit and optimise your horse's health in many ways. For horses with no medical issues at all, track life still increases fitness and builds muscle, helps with weight loss and stimulates those beautiful barefoot feet. 

For those with medical issues or specific requirements, Paddock Paradise can work wonders.

Orca Arrival vs Departure.jpg

Here are two great examples - Fergus and Orca. Fergus is a great example of how track systems can encourage weight loss or loss of fat pads (EMS) and movement naturally whilst Orca is a great example of how tracks build and strengthen muscle, increasing their fitness. If you would like to view more before and afters, please click here.

A few Paddock Paradise benefits -

  • Paddock Paradise track systems encourage movement, largely benefiting equines who suffer from stiffness and swelling from long periods of standing still.

  • Daily movement also aids in weight loss for overweight or obese horses.

  • A purpose-built environment to strengthen or build muscle and further improve overall fitness levels without help from additional in-hand or ridden work.

  • Track systems require herd living to work optimally meaning your equine can scratch, groom, play, eat and sleep with other members of their species without restriction.

  • 24/7 turnout with optional shelter – no stables and no routines, providing your horse with the freedom of choice during their retirement.

  • Equines can learn to self-regulate with adlib hay, helping with issues such as food guarding and ulcers, in an environment that encourages movement and helps to lessen anxiety.

  • With Paddock Paradise track systems comes enrichment, undulating land, paths, forage and other herd members to mentally stimulate your equine.

  • Providing your horse with an environment that focuses on always fulfilling their natural, basic needs aids in the reduction of anxiety, stress and linked behaviours.

  • Movement and exercise promoted on track stimulates healthy hoof growth.

* These are the benefits we have observed from our own track systems*