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We have recently hit 2000 likes on this page, which means a whole bunch of new faces to welcome. I thought I would take this little victory of ours to introduce ourselves properly.

My name is Alyson, and I have run PB since 2018, a lifelong passion that took direction after my best friend suddenly passed away. Having shared a yard with her for many years, we needed to find an alternative way of keeping our pony Dubri who we rescued for my daughter's 6th birthday. After discovering she had Laminitis, EMS and IR, it became clear that box rest, shoes and isolation were making things worse for our Dubri. Thus began our journey to alternative horse care.

After many months of research and a change of location, we followed Jaime Jackson's advice, as well as a brilliant barefoot trimmer, and began building the set up we now have today. After she passed, the idea of keeping horse's weighed heavy on me. My 13 year old daughter became bed bound from illness's we hadn't yet heard of, my best friend had died and I was left with her own horse Bob. For roughly 12 months, I felt lost and life paused.

After eventually finishing the track we both set out to build, I had tracked 18 acres of land for my own horses and Bob to enjoy. Having then thoroughly jumped into the world of track systems and the ever ending whirl pool of knowledge that is barefoot, our Trimmer Georgie asked if we would be willing to take on a beautiful horse named Pixie to care for. Looking back on that day, I had no idea that my next decision would lead to the beginning of this grand adventure.

So, let's meet the team.

Maddie is my 21 year old daughter who I originally worked with in the early days of PB. After roughly 2 years of working together every day to help manage the livery, due to her ongoing health issues she now runs the admin, social media and website for PB. She is behind the posts we publish, the design and up keep of the website and she answers all emails, phone calls and messages from anyone enquiring.

Julian is my husband and my real life super hero. All of the buildings, feeding pens, fencing, hard core and much, much more has been built and maintained by him. We are constantly making lists on ways we can better our livery for the horses we care for, which are then planned and built by Julian. You don't need a pocket of never ending money when you have his imagination.

Lewis is my 18 year old son who works part time with me on set days to help keep the livery running smoothly. He covers fresh hay deliveries, building projects, maintenance jobs and generally is a busy body to cover any work that needs doing around the yard. He also operates the tractor for the heavier work that requires doing.

Georgie, or Hoof Matters, is our wonderful trimmer for our own horses and the liveries but better yet, is also a dear friend of mine. She has become and always will be a part of this PB family.

Maddison is our newest addition to the PB team, working 4 days a week to help me with the day to day workings of the livery. She helps with feed, general care and has become a crucial part of running the livery successfully.

Thanks to all of these people, I live my real life dream of helping horses every single day.

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