PB Livery has experience in caring for and/or successfully rehabilitating horses with a variety of medical conditions and injuries, most commonly surrounding diet, movement and trim. We most commonly help equines struggling with Laminitis, EMS and grass-affected related issues, equines with ongoing lameness, injuries and SI issues as well as horses suffering with ulcers, stiffness and swelling and anxiety/stress related behavioural issues. 

We provide an environment that caters to your equine's needs without the need to sacrifice movement or socialisation for a species appropriate diet. We target your horse's diet from day one regardless of their reason for needing rehabilitation, providing them with a healthy, strong foundation to work upwards from. Effortlessly moving soon becomes apart of your horse's daily life, encouraging a healthy weight whilst strengthening muscle and helping those who stiffen up or swell from lack of movement. Additionally, PB Livery have a team of specialist professionals to provide your horse with quality care - helping your equine during their transitional period to a becoming a healthier horse. 

Our rehabilitation packages are a minimum of 6 months for several reasons. This 6 month period allows us enough time to successfully detox your horse from any grass or unnecessary sugar which is crucial during their rehabilitation. Additionally, we typically trim horses on a 4-6 week trim cycle and therefore we can fit a handful of trims into their minimum time spent here. By doing this we can get a better understanding of any hoof-related issues and start to correct any problem areas as the foot grows new, healthy hoof. During this time frame, we can also establish any problem areas we think would benefit from some bodywork or a session with the chiropractor as we often find the more a horse begins to move, areas of tightness can begin to show which may compromise their ability to move with ease. 

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