Ailbe's Owner -Emma

From the first conversation I had with Alyson I knew that PB was the place for Ailbe. When I visited the track it only confirmed this, all the horses were so content and well cared for, it really is a paradise for them! Alyson, Julian, Maddie and Lewis have been nothing but lovely, so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and this is reflected in all the happy horses at the track. When we dropped Ailbe off they spent over an hour with us showing us round again and watching the herd settle and reshuffle. It was fascinating and we could’ve stayed all day just watching them! It meant the world to me to spend that time and watch him settle, it helped me settle my own head and heart to leaving him! I’ve been to visit Ailbe since and he is so settled and relaxed. I trust Alyson and her family implicitly, and can go away on my travels safe in the knowledge my boy is being cared for and loved. Thank you to the whole PB team.


Fleur's owner -Nicky

Having been interested in track systems for a while I was keen to visit when I heard about PB. From my first visit I knew I would be making the right move for Fleur, Alyson & her families knowledge, passion & love for the horses was obvious and I knew she’d be cared for like one of their own. Fleur settled into the herd straight away, she is so happy and chilled. I love visiting her and just watching how content all the horses are together. Thanks so much to you all xx


Pixie's owner - CARLA

This amazing place has been home for my horse for a couple of years now. I never have to worry about her, she is looked after beautifully and in keeping with a natural life that I am sure she would choose for herself. She previously suffered with swollen knees and stiffness but since she has been on a track, on the right diet and constantly moving with her friends she has been absolutely fine. It’s a huge relief to know that she is looked after and loved as I work full time and have commitments that mean I cannot give her what she needs. It’s equine heaven and most of the time I wish I was a horse there.


Jesse's Owner -Lisa

My pony has been part of my daughter's and my own life for 15 years. We have both enjoyed many hours riding her, grooming her and caring for her and she has enhanced our life no end. When it was no longer possible to ride her, some said, she has become too expensive to keep and we should think of having her put down. I was deeply upset by these comments, she deserved the very best care in her old age, yet old as she is, she is still a beautiful, majestic, loving animal. It was at this point Alyson, Julian & Maddie came into our lives and gave her the chance to live out her days in beautiful, caring surroundings.....a place where she can just go back to been 'a horse' again. I couldn't wish for better and although we don't get to see her as often as we would like, she is happy and well cared for and we couldn't wish for anything more.

Mud Monster Pi


Alyson, Maddie, Julian and Lewis are among the most trustworthy people I have ever met and I could not think of anyone I would rather entrust Pi’s care with. They are always at the end of the phone to answer any silly questions I have about Pi, but I also know I can leave them to look after him like the Prince he is, which is so important to me when I have to work away from home a lot! Pi looks the best he ever has, and is coming back into work with no stress or drama at all! I am a complete track systems convert thanks to PB livery, and wouldn’t want my horses looked after any other way! Thanks guys xx



Fergus had been on and off Laminitic since the passing of his field mate when his world was turned upside down, diagnosed ems and on and off box rest for 12 months, we were running out of options, we knew that the way he was living was wrong, stuck in a box, limited food and no socialisation with other ponies.. we knew the solution was definitely no grass and lots of movement but didn't know of anywhere that could cater for his needs. One day we thought we would just Google track livery and see.. we found PB only 20 minutes from home!! After a phone call and visit with Alyson we knew we had to move him to PB and within a month he was on rehabilitation livery. Eight months on we now have a sound happy relaxed pony who is living free range in a herd with all the food he wants. Thanks to Alyson and her family with there expert care and knowledge Fergus now has a future which was a major doubt this time last year. Can not tell you how happy it makes us to see him living his retirement so naturally in such a calm relaxed purpose built environment for his needs. Thank you Sharpe family.


Inca and Oscar's owner -Claudia 

I am an equine coach in the process of building my business and an appropriate space to keep my assistant coaches (my horses) in the best possible environment to allow them to help people in the best way they can.

I first spoke to Alyson in early January having reached wits end at the constant lameness of my 10 year old American quarter horse. Having got over a tendon tear and various other lameness issues the vet had then suggested she was verging on being laminitic. As well as this, I was totally sure that she was as depressed and fed up as me and her highly domesticated lifestyle was contributing to her lameness. Not prepared to go through any more box rest or further restrictions (food, turnout, other horses) again I started desperately looking for another way! I found the barefoot facebook page and a number of track liveries offering rehab and quickly realised this was the sort of thing she needed. I also have a rescue racehorse who I believed could do with some of his own rehab in a more psychological sense and the idea of natural living looked like it would suit both of them for different reasons. At this time I contacted 2 or 3 track liveries with an ideal scenario that they were as near to me as possible, however for various reasons it was Alyson’s wonderful PB Livery that ended up being my place of choice some 200 miles away. From my first discussion with Alyson I knew that this was the place my horses would be going, I explained the entire situation and she spent a (very) long time on the phone to me (having responded to my query in a matter of a couple of hours) explaining exactly what she thought may be the problem and how we could look at solutions by sending my horses to her livery. She also recommended I go away and read Jaimie Jackson’s ground breaking Paddock Paradise to get an idea of the reason behind the system and also gave me both Georgie Harrisons details (her trusty barefoot trimmer who has had the privilege of training with Jaimie) and other liveries for me to contact for references. This was early January and, as is often the case in serendipitous moments such as these she had two places coming up on early March which sounded perfect. She also invited me to visit any time to see how it works and how the horses are. And so in mid January on a biting cold Saturday morning I arrived at PB Livery to experience the track. Following weeks of heavy rain it was a pretty flooded affair but that didn’t stop me knowing instantly it was right!! The horses were living as horses, the environment was wild and natural and Alyson’s knowledge and expertise gave me the validation I needed that my horses would be fine here.

Fast forward to the end of January and my mare had another reaction that appeared to be verging on a laminitic attack and at my wits end I messaged Alyson to see if they could come earlier as I couldn’t face putting her through any more restricted grazing and box rest. I also, in that time communicated with Georgie who spent an evening with me on facebook messenger helping to diagnose her issues and suggest a diet for her in the interim until we got her to PB. We fast tracked the horses moving to PB to the 11 February and I immediately felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. I was able to manage my lovely mare for the next 10 days through some simple interventions that Georgie had recommended including adding a load of salt to her diet (to counter the grass reaction she felt she was having), swapping out her restricted rye grass hay with unlimited meadow hay and taking her off hard feed bar a small handful of approved chaff for psychological purposes (she would have exploded at not getting a meal at feeding time!)

So, on the morning of 11 February, with winds of 50mph we loaded my two now barefoot horses onto the box and drove them the 200 miles to PB Livery. Although I was devastated to be leaving them I can still feel the happiness I felt at seeing them gallop off into a field with the space and freedom to run as horses should. I spent about an hour watching them settle into their new home until it was time for me to leave. Having explained all the various rugs I had sent them with and allowed Alyson her wry smile at the likelihood of them utilising any of them I was on my way knowing in my heart I had done the right thing. Once I got over my own sense of loss of course!!

The horses have now been at PB Livery for 3 months and although sadly I have not had the opportunity to visit again owing to the lockdown (I had always planned to give them a month or two to settle in without my interference) I have seen incredible improvements in their mental state and wellbeing. There have been a few challenges and changes along the way but Alyson has always been there to talk through them with me and give me her expert suggestions. She never forces her opinion but guides me to make an informed decision. For instance we moved my thoroughbred to another herd as he was being a bit pushed around in the original herd, since then he has thrived and we have seen a massive reduction in his anxieties as a result. My mare is getting fitter and with the additional expertise and guidance of Georgie her hooves are being changed to better support her and give her less risk of injury. She is so much happier too, this seen in her new found ability to share her food with others – something a life of restriction has made her incredibly anxious about doing in the past. And no laminitic episodes that were a regular occurrence.

I know we have a long way to go with the feet rehab for both horses but being able to see the psychological changes in them from 200 miles away and being able to trust Alyson to make the decisions in the best interest of my horses has allowed me to relax and concentrate on building my business and space ready to bring my horses back to me in a similar environment.

There is a culture about PB that makes it special, it is full of passion and family values (the entire Sharpe family are involved and it is a wonderful sight to see) and I am ever grateful that I found the place on a dark day in earlyJanuary. I think Inca, Oscar and I will all be very grateful to the universe for putting PB in our path.