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Ridden Rehabilitation

Ridden rehabilitation is offered to horses who have undergone some form of rehabilitation, be it with ourselves or done elsewhere, and are now in the stage of their recovery where ridden or ground work can be incorporated into their rehab. This package is ideal for owners wanting their horse's to return to work and a level of fitness whilst benefiting from life on track. 

Any and all horses will be reviewed before accepted under this package. This is not for horse's with behavioural issues but for equines who have undergone rehabilitation for tendon injuries, soft tissue injuries, Laminitis, hoof health and more. 

When first incorporating work into their rehabilitation, sessions start at 20-30 minutes per time, 3 times a week and the amount of ridden or ground work will increase as your horse progresses. If your horse is unable to be ridden but would benefit from sessions of work, we offer ground work and lead & ride services.

More information to come soon. 

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