Sassy -

This is the beautiful Sassy, who has been with us for roughly 3 months now. She is here for Rehabilitation for Laminitis and soft tissue damage which can be seen in trot. This first portion of the video was sent to us by her lovely owner before her arrival here at PB and the last portion of the video is of Sassy Thursday of last week. Like all of our Rehabilitations, Sassy is on a non grass track in a Herd currently made up of 11 members that we call 'Track/Herd 3'. In Track 3 consists a large hill we nicknamed 'Rehab Hill' which is great for stimulating the feet, building muscle and increasing fitness. This Track measures roughly 3/4 of a mile long and with the layout of the track and the natural movement of the Herd, Sassy walks roughly 8 miles a day. Plenty of movement means Sassy keeps active and doesn't become stiff from standing around.

We're really pleased with the progress she is making, and can't wait to see what the next couple of months holds for Sassy and her progress here. Not only has her lameness improved but she's also toned up and become fitter.

To view Sassy's Comparison Video, please use this link -

The hoof on the left was taken before her arrival, the upper right was taken after 4 weeks of her being with us and the lower right was taken after 10 weeks with us. As you can see, the Laminitic stretch is starting to grow out, the waterline is tightening up and her foot growth is being stimulated by movement, encouraging the sole to shed down to the hard sole plain. We have also treated some Thrush that Sassy had in the first image.

Sassy is currently on a non grass track system measuring 3/4 of a mile with a Herd of 11, on a diet of 24/7 Adlib Meadow Hay and no hard feed. She walks roughly 8 miles per day which encourages healthy hoof growth as well as toning and building muscle over her body.

Please note Sassy is not finished with her Rehabilitation and these comparisons are to show her progress and NOT the end result.