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Tara - ongoing rehab


Name: Tara

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: August 2022

Age: 10

Breed: Welsh Section D

Height: 15.2hh

Medical Issues: Stifle injury, severely grass affected, Laminitis

Rehabilitation: Help with grass affected issues and injury, overall hoof and body health

First body photos:

Tara arrived in August 2022 for some help with her grass affected issues and an old stifle injury. It is thought she will need surgery for the stifle injury in the near future so one of our priorities is getting her back to a healthier state in preparation for said surgery. At the moment she is overweight and her feet need some work, so we want to get her to a point health wise where recovering from the surgery isn't so physically taxing or difficult for her.

Tara's owner reported her grass affected symptoms as: agitated, uncomfortable, sweaty, wobbly and ataxic on all 4 legs. She was also struggling with picking her feet up to be trimmed and general pain management due to her stifle injury. She was also previously kept on box rest for long periods of time. 

She is not having any trouble walking around Track 1 with her herd members at the moment and isn't showing any signs of lameness. We are currently working closely with our Vets.

First hoof update, second trim - September 2022:

A combination of before and after trim.

October 2022 - third trim: