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Tess - Ridden Track


Name: Tess

Livery Type: Ridden

Arrival Date: 3rd March 2023

Age: 13

Breed: Cob

Height: 14.3hh

Medical Issues: None

Rehabilitation: Hoof and body, lack of muscle

Tess is here for standard ridden livery at our second yard on the woodland track.

1st April 2023:

Tess is lacking some muscle along her back and bottom which makes her back look quite dipped. 

In regards to feet, you can see she has quite a weak hoof wall which has broken off in places, which means she is missing some water line and her natural weight bearing points at the front of the toe. From the side view, you can see some of her outer hoof wall has broken off with more movement being introduced. 

25th April 2023:

Tess is making great progress on track and is already starting to build some muscle along her back and bottom. 

1st April vs 25th April 2023 -

1st April vs 25th April 2023.jpg

Second trim:

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